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The satisfaction and trust of our existing customers is proof of the quality of our service. If you have any questions, I am always at your disposal. My successful team will be happy to help. I look forward to our cooperation.


• monitoring of domestic and international tenders

• promoting innovative technologies

• website design

• purchase and sale of tools and machinery

• wholesale and retail

• organizing cultural and other social events

• graphic design, brochure and business card design

• logo design

Content Marketing

• marketing and advertising activities/services

It is possible to live without an agency, but it requires a lot of work and the use of the knowledge that is needed for most customers.

• launching new goods into the market

Market entry is key to product creation. In fact, development and design have laid the foundations for product sales.

• market research, international standards research

Belief in the market is important, but without market research it is only a presumption, as Eric Ries says - Leap of faith assumption. Accurate product placement is often the key to success.


• business, organizational and economic consultancy

Pre tých, ktorí majú pocit, že by to mohlo ísť oveľa lepšie, a pre nich a ich spoločnosť je úspech dôležitý. Tvorba podnikateľských plánov, nižšie náklady, efektívnejšia organizácia, úspešnejšia práca na trhu.

Stojí to za to. Pretože obchod funguje na peniaze.

• developing and expanding business

International comparisons include competitiveness, state-of-the-art and high-quality knowledge to analyze activities and address complex development challenges.

• financial consulting service

3D visualizations

If you are interested in 3D visualization, animation, graphics or graphic work, you are in the best place! MYCEE's 3D division is focused on artistic and quality work, where your ideas are realized with the latest techniques and technologies.

• Visual design for Architects

Visual design is an excellent tool for architects, because ideas are returning from the screen in a realistic form and way.

• Visual Design for Interior Designers

Photorealistic 3D visualizations provide a perfect picture of a future apartment, family house or office space.
3D animation will show you an apartment, family house or office from a very different perspective.
By moving the cameras through the individual spaces you get the feeling that you are walking indoors.

• Visual Design in Product Development

Visual design allows you to see the product in photorealistic quality already before production. It can be a visualization of a car, equipment, accessories, furniture, decorative accessories etc.

• Marketing Visualization

Animated ads (commercials) or logos made by 3D graphic technology are the best tools to give your business a new and modern look. Animated advertising movies are ideal to attract new customers from any market.

• Interactive Visual Design

The interactive visual design is the latest form of visual design. In this case, you can not only browse the pictures of the building you are constructing, but you can move in 3D as in a video game, or even "communicate" with the objects that can be more “verbose” and convincing.