Artistic and quality work

3D visualization

Are you referring to a building or product that you cannot imagine yet, but would you like to see what it would be like? Mycee 3D provides a comprehensive solution for this purpose. On request, we can create 3D images of the project you want, or even animation, such as in video games.

3D visualization, animation and graphics

MYCEE's 3D division is focused on artistic and quality work, where your ideas are realized with the latest techniques and technologies.

• Visual design for Architects

Offers an unusual visual experience!

Visual design is an excellent tool for architects, because ideas are returning from the screen in a realistic form and way.

Its huge advantage is that it is immediately apparent from the design plans that something is or is not suitable, so it is possible to make effective changes to specific plans before implementation, therewith saving time and money.

• Visual Design for Interior Designers

Photorealistic 3D visualizations provide a perfect picture of a future apartment, family house or office space.

3D animation will show you an apartment, family house or office from a very different perspective. By moving the cameras through the individual spaces you get the feeling that you are walking indoors.

 In addition to furniture and accessories, it is also possible to plan the lighting of the space in advance so the customer can see how the light illuminates the space.

• Visual Design in Product Development

Visual design allows you to see the product in photorealistic quality already before production. It can be a visualization of a car, equipment, accessories, furniture, decorative accessories etc.

The huge advantage of 3D visual is that materials such as wood or textiles can be flexibly changed, so if a customer is uncertain in choosing the best one, he/she can see the material in several versions.

3D provides a visual control already before approving any specification or design and improves the overall view in respect of your project.

• Marketing Visualization

Animated ads (commercials) or logos made by 3D graphic technology are the best tools to give your business a new and modern look. Animated advertising movies are ideal to attract new customers from any market.

• Interactive Visual Design

The interactive visual design is the latest form of visual design. In this case, you can not only browse the pictures of the building you are constructing, but you can move in 3D as in a video game, or even "communicate" with the objects that can be more “verbose” and convincing.

Whom do we recommend it to?

In all areas, it is worth to use a 3D visual design, in cases when the customer needs to see the project before it is created in reality, by using visual plans, so the idea becomes tangible and with this help has a greater chance to convince the customers. 3D opens up new horizons.